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In 1951 Pete Barbieri started his oil and lubrication business in Healdsburg, CA, servicing Sonoma and Marin counties with Mobil Oil products. From early on, Pete’s son, Bob Barbieri worked in his father’s business with dreams of expansion.  Years later, Pete turned the reins over to Bob.  The business continued to grow at an expedient rate, with Bob in control.

In 1978 Bob joined forces with a partner, Peter VanAlyea.  Bob brought expertise in bulk lubes and fuel deliveries to the partnership, while Peter’s specialty was work with gas stations.  Together they created Redwood Oil Company. Over the next 20 years Redwood Oil became one of the largest fuel and lubricant distributors in the United States.  R.A. Knapp was purchased by Redwood Oil Co. in Humboldt County and was operated under the name of Redwood Coast Petroleum.  In 1996 Redwood Coast Petroleum was sold to Renner Petroleum.

During these years, Bob’s son, Nick, followed in his father’s footsteps and from a young age worked in his dad’s company, learning all aspects of the business.  Nick’s worked ranged in everything from warehouse cleanup to driving delivery trucks.  Truck driving is where Nick found his passion.

In 1994 Nick founded Nick Barbieri Trucking.  Over the next 14 years Nick continued to grow his fleet into a very successful business, which included not only transporting bulk fuel, but expanding to the wine transport market as well.

Due to health reasons, Bob Barbieri and Peter VanAlyea decided go back to their roots and split their businesses in 2006, with Bob maintaining the bulk fuel, oil, and propane business, while Peter kept all 26 of their gas stations and Aztec Grills. Peter would keep the Redwood Oil Company name, and Bob would now assume the name Redwood Coast Petroleum for his company.

In 2008 Bob retired and sold Redwood Coast Petroleum to Poma Group.  However, in that sale he removed the Ukiah plant, and sold this business to his son Nick, who now runs the business as Redwood Coast Fuels. Within a few years of this new venture, Nick and his team grew the business tremendously which resulted in a contract with Chevron oil lubricants. From that the fuel and propane business continued to grow at amazing rates.

In 2011 Nick Barbieri Trucking started North Bay Petroleum to service Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties.  In 2012 Nick was approached by Chevron to reenter the Humboldt County market, to service, Humboldt, Trinity, and Del Norte counties.  With much hard work, we’ve made that expansion and have been very successful in these counties.

In September 2014, we purchased our largest competitor in Sonoma County, Royal Petroleum.  This was a huge accomplishment for Nick Barbieri Trucking, making us the largest fuel and lubricants marketer in our area.  Now, Nick took on business partners, Jeff Mee, Randy Parker, and Scott Kelleher into Nick Barbieri Trucking, dba Redwood Coast Fuels, North Bay Petroleum, and North Coast Wine Transportation.  This new partnership combines a total of 128 years of experience and we are all very dedicated to the success of our business, which makes us an excellent team.  We all strive to continue our growth and to be leaders in the market. All four of us were fortunate to work under Bob Barbieri’s leadership, for which we have much admiration and appreciation for.  He instilled in us the importance and value of excellent customer service, as well as admiration for your customers, as well as employees. Service is what sets our company apart from other marketers. We believe in instilling these same values within our company. The ethical way we continue to do business has provided us great success, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Most recently, in April of 2017, we purchased the fuel and oil portion of Eel River Fuels, expanding our company, and giving us a larger footprint in Mendocino and Lake counties.  As we have grown, we have never lost sight of the values and qualities instilled in us by Pete Barbieri and his son Bob Barbieri.

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