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Whether its paperless billing, or products that leave less of a footprint, we are here to work with you on being more environmentally friendly. Our customer portal will allow you to manage your account and pay your bill with no paper involved. Products such as bio-diesel and renewable diesel provide an alternative to traditional diesel, and we are excited about Chevron’s Clarity line of lubricants, please read below:

CHEVRON: Specially designed for environmentally sensitive areas:

If you operate heavy equipment in environmentally sensitive areas, Chevron has launched a line of products that can help you minimize your environmental risk. New Clarity® Synthetic EA lubricants are readily biodegradable, high-performance oils that meet the definition of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). They are designed to provide maximum protection for equipment in environmentally sensitive areas. In fact, Clarity lubricants meet the Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirement to use EALs in oil-to-water interfaces.

FUCHS: Another line of lubricants we carry that are engineered to have a reduced environmental impact:

The high level of innovative power is a key driving force in the FUCHS business model. FUCHS excels through its above industry-average speed of innovation and high degree of specialization. The objective is to continuously develop the potential of lubricants; that is, increasing efficiency as well as prolonging product life cycles, developing multi-functional lubricants and innovative products for new technical and regulatory requirements and improving energy, process and cost efficiency. At the same time, we are committed to sustainable objectives and the aspiration to develop lubricant solutions that contribute to conservation of the environment and resources.

We are committed to finding products that meet your environmental needs, just CONTACT US, and let us know your requirements.

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