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Fuel & Oil Treatments, cleaners, solvents as well as other common chemicals used around your shop from brands you’ve known and trusted for years.

Techron Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner

One bottle of Techron Concentrate Plus, Complete Fuel System Cleaner can help protect your new investment or restore your used car as close as possible to its original performance. Either way, it keeps your gasoline powered car, pickup, or SUV engine running clean. Recommended to use every 3,000 miles or at every oil change.

Techron Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner

Clogged fuel injectors rob your engine of fuel economy. Techron® Fuel Injector Cleaner is designed to clean gasoline fuel injectors in one treatment. It helps improve your engine’s fuel economy by removing harmful fuel injector deposits. Safe to use every 1,000 miles or as needed to keep fuel injectors clean.

Techron Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Techron® D Concentrate, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is an ultra-high performance, one-tank cleanup, diesel fuel system cleaner designed for use in all types and sizes of diesel engines. Techron Diesel’s powerful, patented formulation offers superior deposit cleanup and engine protection. It is effective in older engines and the latest generation common-rail diesel engines. Can be used with all types of diesel fuel including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio diesel and bio diesel blends.

Lucas Complete Engine Treatment

Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is a unique formulation that cleans and lubricates multiple systems in your vehicle. When added to fuel, it cleans and lubricates all components from the fuel tank to the cylinders. It removes deposits, protects against corrosion and helps the fuel to burn more completely, which helps to lower emissions, improves fuel mileage and increases power. FOR ALL ENGINES AND OIL TYPES.

Lucas Fuel Treatment

Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what it really needs – a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption.

Lucas Engine Break-In Oil Additive - Tb Zinc Plus

Protects camshaft lifters and valve train during break-in period of motor. Excellent for flat tappet camshafts during break-in or as an additive to any motor oil to prevent premature wear. Exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines!

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Lucas Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine. It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures. Use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in gear oil to stop leaks, reduce operating temperatures and increase the life of the gear oil. Since it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil. It keeps old engines alive and new engines new.

Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer

Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product – developed in the laboratory and tested in the field for maximum reliability. The product is a specially blended formulation of premium base oils and petroleum extractives for use in a wide range of engine and gear box applications.

Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer

Light enough for an import – Tough enough for a semi. Use in new equipment which requires synthetic oils or any equipment that needs enhanced performance. It can also be used to protect new and used Heavy Duty and High Performance transmissions, gear boxes and engines. Controls heat and wear in motorcycles, air-cooled engines and all drive train components. Reduces friction for increased power and MPG.

PST100 Power Steering Treatment

Power Punch Power Steering Treatment with Power Punch polymer technology. Specially formulated to reduce leaks, quiet operation and prevent wear. 16oz bottle provides enough treatment for most automotive power steering systems. Add PST to proper power steering fluid in amounts to be effective.

Power Punch Oil Supplement

Power Punch Oil Supplements use the latest in Petroleum Polymer technology to increase the film strength of any oil. This stronger oil film is much harder to penetrate under load and heat and therefore prevents metal-to-metal contact, which causes wear, heat and wasted horsepower. Less wear and heat means much longer life for both the equipment and the oil. The high strength oil film also cushions the metal parts to provide quieter operation because shock loads are dampened. POWER PUNCH also stabilizes the viscosity of oil during high load or temperature operation to prevent breakdown and the creation of sludge. AVAILABLE BY THE PINT, QUART, GALLON, CASE, 5 GALLON BUCKET.

Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner

The original brake parts cleaner. Formulated to quickly & effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils, & other contaminants from brake parts, lining, pads. Safe for use on all brake systems including: Springs & Wedge brakes.

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