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Whether unleaded or premium, clear, red, bio or renewable diesel, clear or red kerosene, ethanol free as well as a variety of specialty race fuels, we have the fuel that fuels your needs in California.


Unleaded and Premium, delivered to your home, farm or business, from 100 gallons up to 8800 gallons at a time.


Clear diesel for on-road use, or tax-exempt red diesel for off road and generator use, we can bring to your home or business.


Kerosene in red or clear, many customers use as a home heating fuel, we will make sure you stay warm in our cold winter months.

Ethanol Free

Ethanol tends to degrade the performance of small engines, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and weed-eaters; using ethanol free fuel helps maintain small engines, especially when not in use.


A choice in going green, bio diesel is generally a re-purposed fuel, and is often blended with regular diesel to maintain the performance standards your engine deserves.

Renewable Diesel

Another choice for going green, renewable diesel is derived from a non-petroleum, often plant based source, and can be run pure while maintaining the performance you are accustomed to.

VP Racing Fuel

Whether your two stroke on the track, your 4 stroke in the hills, or your dragster on the strip, we carry a wide variety of race fuels that will match your engine and performance needs.

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