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Whether it is your 150-gallon small farm tank, to your 20,000-gallon underground storage tank, we will take care of you.  Competitive rates, on-time deliveries, tank monitoring if you would like, choosing us can mean never having to think of your fueling needs again, we will make sure you never run out.

Fleet Fueling

We offer on-site “wet-hosing”, we will come to your business after hours and fuel your fleet so they are ready to go in the morning.


An alternative to Fleet Fueling, we have a variety of Cardlocks, both CFN and Pacific Pride.  We offer competitive rates, management tools that allow you to set limits on what fuel products your people can purchase, as well as daily limits on quantities. CARDLOCK LOCATOR


Home heating fuel, or home diesel or gas tanks, we have a fleet of trucks that will come to your house to fulfill your needs.

Tanks for Sale or Lease

We can deliver to your property and set fuel tanks. We do not do the final hook-up.

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